Activate Gut-Brain THRIVE mode with the CERA SYSTEM

Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy System for Brain and Body Optimization.

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Cutting edge medical research shows red and near infrared light stimulates cells in the brain and gut and regulates inflammation to improve cognitive function and behavior. [Blivet, 2018].

The CERA system utilizes 4 wavelenghts of red and infrared light. With a unique pulsing schedule, CERA provides six
therapeutic programs so you can thrive in all areas of life.

Start Thriving

Increase energy and motivation for your daily tasks and projects.

Develop laser focus to enable you to ramp up productivity in the most efficient way.

Balance mind and body and strengthen the communication between the gut and brain.

Optimise your physical performance and crush your personal best.

Improve your ability to meditate, and be able to switch into a calm, composed state.

Build resilience to mental health issues and build a healthy brain as you age.

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and Testimonials

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Kristin Weitzel  - Cold and Breath Expert and host of WELLPOWER Podcast

Combine breathwork with red light therapy for a powerful relaxation and gut-brain connection boost. The CERA System enhances this synergy, improving cellular energy production, reducing inflammation, and calming the nervous system. Experience improved gut function and overall well-being with CERA's unique approach.

Freddie Kimmel  - Emotional Regulation and Living an Authentic Life filled with Joy - Host of The Beautifully Broken Podcast

Discover the profound impact of the gut-brain axis on emotions and well-being. The CERA System's red light therapy stimulates gut cells, facilitating better communication with the brain. Experience a greater sense of joy and emotional balance as negative emotions are managed and positive ones are cultivated.

Unlock the potential of the CERA System for brain reprogramming and improved cognitive function. By targeting the gut-brain axis, this therapy reduces inflammation, enhances gut health, and positively impacts mood, focus, and mental clarity. Experience the frontier of brain entrainment and emotional regulation with the CERA system and your own personally tailored one-on-one Coaching program

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