The Science behind Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy is proven to:

- Improve blood flow a

- Reduce inflammation b

- Increase ATP energy c

CERA is the first FDA-listed device to support the Gut-Brain Axis.

Read on to discover how this incredible modality supports our body's natural healing process.

  • Energize

    Increase energy and motivation for your daily tasks and projects.

    Red Light Therapy boosts mitochondrial energy, ATP, without negative side effects.

  • Focus

    Optimize your cognitive focus daily in just ten minutes.

    Transcranial Light Therapy improves microcirculatory blood flow to the brain through capillary action.

  • Balance

    Balance the communication between the gut and brain.

    CeraThrive delivers healing energy to the Gut-Brain-axis to balance your mind and body.

Gut-Brain Axis

The CERA system is an innovative, safe, non-toxic technology that targets the Gut-Brain Axis with a headband & abdominal panel.

Our gut health is an essential consideration in our whole health.

Go further with Light Therapy and support the body as the connected organism we are.

Four LED Wavelengths

Multiple wavelengths of Light Therapy are needed to target the various depths of skin, skull, and brain.

The CeraThrive headband provides direct skin contact Infrared Therapy of wavelengths 630nm, 850nm, 950nm & 1070nm.

Cera makes photobiomodulation simple, just turn on your device, fit the headband, apply the abdominal panel, and start thriving!

Light Structured Water

Near-Infrared Light has been shown to change the structure of water that is near a membrane, such as the mitochondria, charging it with electrical energy.

This structured water (named EZ Water or Exclusion Zone Water by Dr. Gerald Pollack) is an efficient energy reservoir to fuel healing and cell recovery.