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The CERA System

The CERA System

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NOTE: The CERA System is available for pre-order only. Devices begin shipping summer 2024.

The CERA System is an innovative red light therapy device that treats the body systemically.

It's the first and only FDA listed red light therapy system that targets the gut-brain axis for upgraded brain capability, increased longevity and peak physiological health.

Boost cognition, slow aging, and find your peace of mind again with safe, non-toxic Light Therapy.

Purchase includes:

1 x CERA Headband

  • 660nm, 850nm, 950nm, 1070nm

1 x CERA Body Panel

  • 660nm, 850nm

1 x CERA Body Strap

1 x CERASystem Travel bag (Bonus Extra $49)

1 x USB-C Charger

1 x Manual

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The Future of Healthcare

Red Light Therapy is no longer relegated to only medical clinics and clinical settings.

Purchase Cera and start seeing profound results from the comfort of your home.