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  • Dr. Fazard Salepour

    Educational Course - Photobiomodulation for the Brain


    Dr. Fazard Salepour, CeraThrive Scientific Advisor


    This online course, designed for clinicians and scientists and lasting approximately 7 hours, offers comprehensive training in Photobiomodulation for brain conditions. Led by Dr. Farzad Salehpour of the CeraThrive Scientific Advisory Board.


    The course includes 8 teaching units, a final online test, and 10 additional hours of content. Aimed at medical professionals including specialists, general practitioners, and naturopaths, it covers photobiological therapy for various brain disorders and introduces participants to the mechanisms, applications, and effectiveness of Photobiomodulation therapy.


    Participants will gain a deep understanding of the quantum biological and cell physiological mechanisms of action, potential applications for central nervous system disorders, and the application parameters and techniques that make this therapy effective for the brain.


    Upon completion, participants will earn a COLLL certificate in Photo-Neuro-Modulation, indicating their proficiency as phototherapists for neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders, and traumatic brain injuries. The course content is accessible for one year, allowing for a relaxed completion within about two weeks.


    Cost: 320,00€ / $350


    Colll.org is a college of researchers and practitioners of photobiomodulation (PBMt) based in Germany, with the aim to coach therapists towards the goal of universal, multidisciplinary application of photobiomodulation or application limited to one specialty.


    The courses and trainings are available in German and English.


    All courses are online courses that you can start at any time and attend with free scheduling.