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The story behind


When people thrive, they have an abundance of energy to unleash toward positive outcomes. Thriving is not only about getting well or healing from disease; it is also how people relate, grow, and succeed in all aspects of life. In order to thrive in life, we need to feel connected and whole – integrated both internally - in mind and body, and also connected to our environment and the people around us.

CERAThrive is a company dedicated to providing tools and products in which human thriving is prioritised, cultivated, and amplified.


The CERA System by CeraThrive is the first and only FDA cleared red light therapy (photobiomodulation) technology that treats the body as an interconnected system, using a holistic approach to wellness that targets the body and mind simultaneously to achieve optimal wellness.   Using two app connected red and near-infra red-light devices, with specific wavelengths and frequencies – the CERA system targets receptors in the brain and body to upgrade wellness, reduce brain fog and promote body-wide functioning.

Meet the founders

Meet the founders

Science knowledge meets business acumen.

Sarah turner

Sarah Turner

Sarah is something of a brain health obsessive. In addition to first degrees in Psychological Sciences and Nutritional Medicine, with a Post Graduate qualification in Clinical Neuroscience, she has studied many techniques both orthodox and alternative, with one goal in mind – to improve and optimise brain wellness and prevent brain related disease.  Whilst in California, Sarah became involved with the Biohacker movement. This led to her current understanding of the overriding role of physics in biology and fuelled her fascination with light and its healing effect on the body and mind.   Whilst collecting data for a clinical trial on the effect of near-infrared light on symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, she gained direct experience of how powerful this therapy could be.

Sarah brings all her knowledge, passion, and clinical research experience to the CERAThrive partnership – and has big plans for the further expansion of this holistic brain focused company including a range of Nootropics, courses, and cutting-edge brain health modalities.

‘Seeing a patient who had been completely lost to neurodegenerative illness gain awareness and the ability to interact with her family again was a turning point for me, that’s when I decided I need to focus all my time and energy on making this technology more widely available. It is not just the chosen few who get to thrive with this amazing neurotech, thriving in life is an achievable goal for all’.

Sarah Turner.

Dennis Giezeman

Dennis Giezeman has a track record in manufacture, supply, and marketing of multiple successful light therapy products.   Dennis was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at 11 years old – he was hospitalized and told that he would be on drugs for the rest of his life.  During his time in hospital his mother would come and take him to the forest and meditate on healing his gut, doing breathing exercises and visualizations. After one year of this practice, he became symptom free, but was advised to continue taking medication or face having part of his bowel removed sometime in the not-too-distant future. Luckily Dennis did not take the medical advice and has been healthy and thriving ever since.  

Dennis therefore has direct experience of the power of the mind - and how connecting mind and body can have a profound effect on health – he also knows how debilitating gut health issues effect brain function, and is 100% committed to bringing this non-toxic solution to a wide audience.  Dennis brings his experience in red light product manufacturer and supply to the CERA team. He is a founder of Light Tree Ventures, a multinational light therapy company, with Dutch owned factories in China and India that spans several different industries including cosmetic, sports, wellness and medical.

‘It’s my goal to make people happy by providing products and services that make them feel better, get healthier and achieve their goals. I have found the technology that can do this. Now it’s time to show it to the world. Unleash the power of light!’

Dennis Giezeman.

Dennis Giezeman

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)​

The CeraThrive Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) includes leading international scientists in the field of neurotech, photobiomodulation research and photonic engineering. This group of distinguished scientists bring a unique knowledge base to our team that gives us the opportunity to keep pushing the boundaries of our technology, and keeps our offerings grounded in science, as well as  providing strategic guidance and direction for our research and scientific programs.

MSc. PBM Farzad Salehpour​

Specialist in Brain Photobiomodulation. Member of the Editorial Board of “Photobiomodulation, Photomedicine, and Laser Surgery”, the Official Journal of the World Association for Laser Therapy, North American Association for Photobiomodulation Therapy.

Martin Timms​

Senior Electronics and Instrumentation Design Engineer (Healthcare Photonics). Embedded software engineer, machine learning and bio-researcher. ​Cutting edge expertise in bio-physics, photobiomodulation (PBM), signal processing and signal analysis.

Marvin H. Berman, PhD, CBT

Expertise in photobiomodulation for neurodegeneration. Leadership role in expanding the application of PBM and EEG biofeedback and related technologies into the treatment of and neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Dr. Joe DiDuro DC MS DABCN​

Chiropractic neurologist, masters in clinical research.​Moderator of the tPBMT - Brain Research Consortium (transcranial Photobiomodulation Therapy). 32 years of clinical experience as a Cognitive Neurotherapist and Brain Fitness Coach.

Associate Professor Dr. Paul Chazot

BSc (Hons) ARCS PhD FBPhS​Associate Professor of Pharmacology at Durham University, UK. Photobiomodulation programme for CNS & non-CNS disorders. Associate Member, Alzheimer’s Research UK; President of Parkinson’s UK Durham Branch.

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