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The Science behind CERA

The CERA system utilizes the power of light as a powerful wellness technology applied to the gut and brain simultaneously.





Experience Red Light Therapy
like never before

The first and only FDA cleared red light therapy system that targets the gut-brain axis for upgraded brain capability and peak physiological health.Laser focus, clarity of mind and peak performance – these are the superpowers for the 21st century.

This cutting edge neurotechnology uses the power of light to grant these superpowers - allowing you to thrive, not just survive.


Increase energy and motivation for your daily tasks and projects.


Develop laser focus to enable you to ramp up productivity in the most efficient way.


Balance mind and body and strengthen the communication between the gut and brain.

How does it work?

The CERA system utilizes the power of light as a powerful wellness technology applied to the gut and brain simultaneously.

For hundreds of years medicine has separated of brain wellness from the rest of the body, as if there’s no connection. Recently, scientists have changed this approach as research is showing that targeting the “gut-brain” connection can heal many chronic problems as well as supporting brain wellness and improving focus, cognition and memory.

The CERA system is an innovative, safe, non-toxic technology that is based on photobiomodulation or red light therapy, targeting both the brain and gut via a headband and abdominal panel.

This cutting-edge FDA approved device stimulates cells in the brain and gut and regulates the body-mind connection to improve cognitive functioning and enhance memory and focus. It targets inflammation of the gut-brain axis, as well as the microbiota, now believed to be connected to neurodegeneration.

6 Preset Programs with healing frequencies

The CERA System has 6 Preset programs to aid various brain, and gut-brain applications based on modulation of the light emission via pulsing or oscillations.

We have included 7.8 Hz Schumann Frequency, 10 Hz alpha, 40 Hz gamma, and 100 Hz high frequency oscillation options, in addition to CW (continuous wave).  In this way the CERA System be used for a variety of brain enhancing applications including:

Energizing body and mind

Increased focus

Gut-brain balance

Optimized physical and mental performance

Better meditation

Immune boost

Multiple Wavelenghts

The CERA System uses light emissions in the red and near-infrared range.  4 Light Wavelengths for maximum effect.

Most devices emit one or two wavelengths of light - red around 630nm and near-infrared at around 850nm.  These wavelengths of light correspond with the absorption peak of Cytochrome C Oxidase (CCO) - an enzyme found in the mitochondrial membrane.  

Light stimulation of this enzyme leads to an increase in the energy molecule ATP leading to increased energy and greater blood flow.


Light Structured Water

In addition to the red and NIR which target the mitochondria. We have incorporated two additional wavelengths of light that are absorbed by water. Near Infra-Red light at 940 nm and 1070 nm has been found to change the structure of water that is next to a charged surface such as a cell membrane.

This structured water (named EZ water or Exclusion Zone water by Professor Gerald Pollack), is an efficient energy reservoir to fuel healing and power performance.

The CERA System

The CERA System is a whole body, system wide approach to brain optimization and gut-brain wellness that is simple, easy to use, effective and portable.  The CeraThrive team brings together experts in many fields of health and wellness including engineers, neuroscientists, brain fitness coaches, biohackers and quality assurance.

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