Frequently asked questions

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What is the meaning of the term ‘wavelength’ in red light therapy?
Which wavelengths are used in the CERA Headband?
What is a brain wave?
Why do different types of brain waves exist and what do they do?
Can we modulate brainwaves with light?
What pulsed frequencies does the CERA Headband offer?
How do I select which pulsed frequencies to use?
How does it work?
Do I need a brain coach or can I self select the CERA System protocol?
What are the benefits of having a brain coach?
When will I see results of the therapy?
Are there any side effects associated with red light therapy for brain wellness?
Can I overdose on red light?
Do the devices get hot?
What about EMF emissions?
Does time of day matter?
Can children use the CERA System?
Do I need to cover my eyes when using the CERA Headband?
Can I wear clothes under my CERA Body Panel?
Is there a warranty on the CERA System?
Are there scientific studies on this type of therapy and where can I find them?
Does the CERA System have FDA approval?
Is the CERA System the same or similar to a SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) lamp?
Can the CERA Headband be used independently of the Body Panel?
Can the CERA Body Panel be used independently on other parts of the body?
Does Red Light really penetrate the skull and reach the brain?
Does the CERA System irradiate the whole head?
What is light therapy?
How does light therapy work?

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